Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Don't Water it Down! Make it Fun!

For years, the design of the golf course from the women's tees has suffered from an "afterthought" attitude that lacks the same creativity, aesthetics, compelling strategy and elements of play that makes golf engaging and fun from the men's tees.  In an effort to keep play moving along for the shorter hitter, architects have sometimes removed hazards, or put them far out of reach, leaving behind a dull, watered down game.  Another even more thoughtless action is to design blind hazards, lengthy forced carries, or insurmountable hazards such that the game is so difficult and frustrating that the shorter hitter gives up, goes home, and never comes back.

All golfers can hit the ball... the difference is how far, how high, how straight, and at what trajectory.  Although it takes more time and forethought, architects can and should incorporate surmountable hazards, fun strategic options, pleasing visual aesthetics, and a ground game that gives shorter hitters with a lower shot trajectory pathways for play.

Strategy is the essence of the game.  It is what makes the game exciting and engages golfers to make decisions, attempts, and to feel the emotions associated with the elation of victory or the agony of defeat.  All golfers, whether male or female, junior or senior, or high or low handicap enjoy the emotions of winning once in a while.  Indeed, it is the occasional win what keeps us coming back for more.  If the elements that provide the challenge are dumbed down, the fun is unsurprisingly diminished.

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